Classes, Workshops, and Mentoring


The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spiders web.

— Pablo Picasso


Suzanne offers classes, workshops, and mentoring at STUDIO4404, Sebastopol, Ca and in Santa Fe, NM, and elsewhere., She spends the majority of her time creating abstract paintings at STUDIO4404 where she lives and works. She often puts on community events such as lectures and Art Salons with invited guest artists.

Abstract Art Workshops——-Studio4404, Santa Fe, and ONLINE
 Suzanne teaches a variety of Abstract Art Workshops emphasizing the elements of making great art while building intuitive trust. Her workshops are highly experiential and she has taught collaborately with Julie Schumer, Grant Taylor, Carl Heyward, Jean-Charles Millipied, Michael Cutlip. Workshops are from 1 to 4 days long. She also mentors artists in-Studio and live-online on a monthly basis and private one-to-one sesions.

Mentoring and Consultation:
Suzanne is available for Art Consultations, Mentoring, and Portfolio reviews.

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Create a Workshop:
 Suzanne is available to give workshops on various aspects of Abstract Art and Creativity——topic of your choosing and location. 
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Art Commissions:
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I LOVED being in your class. It was such a good pace, not frantic, and each step built on the prior set of skills. The group was great, food so delicious and thoughtful, and such a calm atmosphere made for a very productive day. You are genius at Individualizing, also very generous.
— Sarah O'Hala

Workshop slide show