Rainy Day Series e3.jpg


Rainy Day Series 16.jpg

This piece was sold to a collector in California.  

Rainy Day images are an affordable $80.00, one of a kind, acrylics on archival paper, approximately 6" x 8",  framed in an attractive black edged floater frame which measures 8" x 10".  Each image comes with a built in wall hanger on the back.  Each image is signed, authenticated and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order.  If you live in Sonoma County, I will deliver your purchase personally, Cost: $5.00.  Otherwise Shipping Cost: FedEx ground $25.00.


Take a peek into how I make the Rainy Day images.  This little video shows a couple of the ways I begin to make the art.  I work in series and I love to start with mark making using a long handled brush that gives me lots of freedom and little control.....