Opening Up

Carl Heyward Collage

I am energized by the reciprocal process of giving and to receive...energized in that I am constantly learning new techniques, new media, new ways to see, learning and growing and by sharing that enthusiasm I continue to grow, and not just as an artist, but as a human being. After many years of image making I begin to see the connection between seeing, doing, thinking; that the execution of a concept is dependent upon numerous factors that can combine seamlessly to produce a work that is informed by intellectual, psychic, moral, spiritual even political ambitions because all of these factors and more are elements of reality and shared experience filtered through subjective perception and selection; of choice and sensitivity...of seeing and being.
— Carl Heyward

Being around Carl Heyward, an established SF artist/writer is addictive.  He comes in like a storm and involves people in his spontaneity and openness.  He is not a narcissistic artist; he listens and he shares; he opens pathways, awakens sleeping territory within.  When I am working with him, he sees my edge and pushes me over into that space where I free fall in a very good way.  What the heck.  I have nothing to lose.  Nothing I do is precious and I can always paint over it.  It is exhilarating and I want to see if I can sprout wings and fly.  Carl seems to be right there noticing the effort and applauding it.

Watching Carl work, I see that he finds things that have some energy for him.  His "seeing" and excitement are instinctive and instantaneous. Then he wants to respond.  He begins the dialogue with the materials he finds and with his vast knowledge he skillfully makes use of these materials putting them together in his own unique expression. 

I think we all do this:  find what we like and get excited to respond and give back something of ourselves.  But, Carl's great ability is to Trust himself and when he starts to think too much or judge, he simply thanks his brain for the input and then continues on following his gut/heart/instincts.  There is no hesitancy with Carl. 

THAT is the energy he shares-----no hesitancy, follow my own lead.  Not to be concerned how it is all going to fit together; somehow it harmonizes because it is all coming from myself.

I like how he says, "just try it while you are here with me today and tomorrow you can go back to your own comfortable ways."

And, I laugh.  For once the opening occurs, there is no going back, only the excitement of getting to the next edge and being pushed off once again to fly or not.