Letting the Barriers Down

be it in a form
of poetry or dance
or song or painting —-
Happens when the Divine
Energy force arises
and breaks down all
the barriers inside you...
— Guthema Roba

Working in my art studio is a very intimate experience.  It is an introverted, contemplative, exploratory self observation experience of sensing, being aware, attuning and allowing. 

Making art is not always comfortable for me.  I often feel as though I am being pried open by the Divine in order to let something far greater than anything I could imagine come through.  It is always a humbling experience to abandon my own preconceived ideas, my own desires and be totally Present in the moment and be willing to risk everything. 

Sometimes there is no easy way to open.  I seem to struggle and struggle with an image until I finally put it aside and come back to it.  At other times, I find a need to make a radically bold gesture to restart the conversation and at other times, I simply have to say I just don’t know……and feel uncertainty ripple through my being.

It is so easy to get caught in my own ways of being, my own limited thoughts, to skirt my own resistances and for that I also need connection from other sources to help keep the barriers down and from building back up.

Sometimes it really helps to look outward------connecting to my environment, connecting to others and sharing my art.  With fresh eyes I can gather inspiration from nature, be enchanted and delighted and informed.   From my own experiences moving through the world, I cultivate accepting what is as it is, so I am constantly shedding judgments and thoughts staying present.  Through others I gather ways of doing things and learn ways of being in my own process of painting.  And, through sharing I open to new insights and valuable feedback on how my work is seen by others. 

How do you keep in the creative flow?