The Dialogue

I come prepared. 

With my mind  gently loosened, I bring my full attention.  This sounds paradoxical, but it means that my mind is in a relaxed state, yet fully present.  I focus ready to explore, investigate, and appreciate.  I bring an openness to work without grasping or expecting a particular outcome.   I bring my passion for color, shapes, relationships  and I bring my inspirations and my love of life.  I also bring my knowledge----my years of schooling in the arts, years of gathering information of the tools and materials, years of making art and years of looking at art.    I come prepared so I bring all of me. 

Having this preparation is important because it gives me confidence to know that I can rely on my instincts during the painting process.  So as I paint, the colors, the shapes, the relationships tell me which way to go, what to add, what to subtract, where to expand, where to contract, where to push, where to pull. 

I am co-creating; I am looking and responding to make the painting come alive.  I see what is needed to be seen and by saying “yes” and acting on this enlivened energy.  What I have found that brings the painting alive is a variety of shapes, contrast of lights and dark, how and where they are placed and my eye flowing easily to every part of the image.   So it is a dialogue----I paint, then the painting tells me.  Back and forth, back and forth…….