My First Step  

Curiosity is a necessary part of my creative process.  It is a thirst for wanting to engage and understand.   It draws me in, brings my attention forward to focus on what is in front of me and to look at the subtleties in a mindful manner. Curiosity leads me down paths to explore what I don’t know------it is the “What if”…. It is playful, light hearted and fundamentally, innocent. 

Would we ever do anything if we were not curious?  So curiosity, I think, is necessary for engaging in painting as well as all of life…..  It is because of curiosity that I desire to explore and in doing so take chances, learn, consider, investigate, find new paths, think out of the box….. truly engage in what is around me. 

The image above is the first step in my painting. 

The empty canvas or panel beckons to me to make marks, marks that intrigue me-----bold, big, small, faint, new, familiar, thin, fat,  etc. What do I feel like in the moment?  Where do the marks want to sit on the surface?  Anything goes, no censoring, just being curious…..feeling my way, letting my intuition and senses guide me.  Playing, being carefree…….. 

By playing around with line, washes, marks, etc., I have set up conditions to explore and have a dialogue between the painting and myself------or maybe more accurately to me, between painting and itself with me being the co-creator. 

So where do I go from here?